Master of Mathematical Finance Program

MMF Symposium

Feb 4-7, 2016 // Blue Mountain


“ The MMF Summit 2015 was an amazing opportunity to network with MMF alumni who graduated within the past 17 years. “

Amanda Yi

MMF Class of 2015

“ The MMF Summit 2015 was a great occasion to get together with a broad and deep group of peers in the financial industry and in academia. The Summit struck a perfect balance between finance and fun, and the location in Blue Mountain offered a beautiful backdrop. “

Lars Meuller, PhD

Senior Portfolio Manager, London Office // CPPIB

“ The MMF Symposium is a unique event bringing together -current and future- leaders and innovators in the financial world (professionals, academics, MMF alumni and students) in a familiar atmosphere. It’s a great opportunity for professionals to exchange ideas, discuss them with each other and get input and the view from the MMF students. And it’s an opportunity to engage with a smart, driven and curious crowd of students.

If I had to name one thing that makes the MMF Symposiums special, it’s that everyone feels part of a large family that shares the same passion. This makes the discussions so honest and valuable. It doesn’t feel like going to a conference. It feels like coming home to a family Thanksgiving weekend (just one where you can actually talk about math and finance). “

Tim Friederich

Vice President, Solutions Specialist // Allianz Global Investors

“ The 2015 MMF Summit was very informative and provided excellent opportunities for students to network with alumni and guests. “

Maria Zhang

Investment Analyst // OTPP // MMF Class of 2015

“ The MMF Summit 2015 was a unique opportunity for the MMF class to interact with and learn the insights of various industry professionals. The summit, held at Blue Mountain provided an inviting atmosphere which allowed attendees to unwind and provided for a more personal experience overall. “

Sue Manoharan

Analyst, Total Portfolio Management // CPPIB // MMF Class of 2015

“ The MMF Summit 2015 was a very informative and enriching experience. I had the opportunity to interact with industry professionals, listen to discussions on new and innovative ways to tackle some of the issues being faced in the financial industry today and spend the weekend in beautiful Blue Mountain. “

Elaine Pendrill

Group Risk Management Leadership Program Analyst

RBC Capital Markets // MMF Class of 2015

“ The MMF Summit 2015 was terrific. I was able to share my experience with students and made several new connections with industry peers as well. ”

Dianna Zhang, CFA

Vice-President, Economic Capital and Capital Efficiency

Global Risk Management // Scotiabank

“ The MMF Summit was great and provided a lot of opportunity to communicate with people from the industry. The best part of the Summit is the combination of activities and seminars together, so we had enough time to relax and also learned a lot.  ”

Amanda Luo, PhD

Class of 2009